Tips To Develop A Long Term Employee Engagement Solution

Employee engagement must be the priority of every company as it is the key to success and the way to accomplishing company’s goals and objectives. If your employees are not motivated or not engaged with your firm, there can be concerns relating to absenteeism, lost productivity, high turnover, increased health cost and others. As per the recent reports, more than half of the UK employees are not engaged to their work. Some of the factors affecting employee engagement are lack of mutual trust, gap in communication and immobility. Economic downturn and corporate scandals has ruined the trust for their employers. As a result, employees are more concerned about their personal development, progress rather than corporate initiatives and well being.  But as it is said, every problem has a solution; even this problem has a solution. You may consider tips to employee engagement solutions to increase your employees’ engagement at workplace. By following them, you will see that your employees are more involved in company’s work rather than their own.

Higher salary to motivate employees and to win their trust

Reward and punishment system is not popular any-more since it does not work for most employees. As per the psychological and social researches, intrinsic motivation is the key factor whereby the employee derives joy from the work itself. If you wish to encourage long term engagement, you must pay a standard salary to the employee. Once they are able to meet their basic needs, the employees will start working in a better way for growth and advancement. Money must not be an issue for them as that can hamper the progress and productivity. If you can look after the monetary needs of your employees, they will start trusting you more and stay loyal as well.

Allot responsibility and make the employees accountable

To reduce the level of emotional exhaustion, you need to grant freedom at workplace. Have a flexible work schedule so that employees can work at their pace. They should also get a chance to choose their own projects. If they are interested in doing the project, there will be more engaged. Allotting responsibility and giving freedom at workplace are the best employee engagement solutionsGiving them a freedom to choose work project also facilitates greater accountability. As they have an obligation to themselves, they will work more efficiently. It leads to higher productivity, employee engagement and more job satisfaction.

Help them to gain recognition

Every employer must help his employees to build knowledge and skills to improve the work efficiency. This helps in building confidence and work engagement. Recognition is something which facilitates the sense of mastery. Try to give more and more feedback about their performance. If they can improve their work, they can attain mastery. You should review your employees’ performance and give them relevant feedbacks.

Let your employees connect to a bigger cause. They will be more engaged to their work and feel more motivated when there is some bigger cause. State clearly how you measure the employee performance and what your expectations are. The more you are engaged with your employees, the more they will be engaged to their work and your organization.

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