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Employment law is a wildly expansive area that can involve anything from harassment at work to outright discrimination or even unpaid wages. Given that people’s livelihoods depend on their jobs, it is absolutely vital that they are able to reliably go to work free from these problems which can have a profound effect. At Evolution Legal, we have a highly experienced employment legal advice service that adapts to meet you. Gentlemen agreementWe understand that you could be angry, upset and undermined by unfair treatment that is now having a damaging effect upon your life. Fortunately, with our friendly and approachable lawyers you will find solidarity and a weight of knowledge and empathy on your side that could enable you to piece your life back together.


To us, the law can seem very clear when it comes to discrimination in the workplace: it is simply not tolerated. However, to someone who is experiencing it, all sorts of clouding factors can result in them tolerating it: “My family needs me to keep my job”, “they’re just joking”, “maybe it will stop once they accept me”. To make things a bit clearer for you, if you find someone accusing you wrongly, excluding you for no good reason, threatening you, spreading untrue rumours, damaging your character and reputation, harassing or misusing their power, then you could have grounds for a case. Our employment legal advice can really help you to understand that this behaviour is unacceptable. If you have had to leave your job because of it, then for a fixed price quote we can offer our services.

Payment is one of the biggest bones of contention within employment law. It can take many forms and be particularly damaging to your life as well as all those who are dependent on you. If your employer refuses to pay you your due wages, then it could be grounds to leave your job under constructive dismissal. Similarly, if you are demoted without a reasonable explanation, you will be well advised to seek our counsel. The same goes for changes to your working conditions including both the hours worked and the environment. If you are uncertain about whether the changes are legal, our advice will help you a great deal. There is no need to put your health or livelihood on the line for a job that has changed without your consent.

Everyone is also entitled to some time off through accrued holidays. If an employer has canceled them or has refused to pay for any time owed, then by speaking to us you can gain some added clarity. It is worth remembering that a contentious issue such as this can be very damaging and stressful particularly if it is not resolved quickly.

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Author Bio:- John Spear regularly writes about employment law and has specialised knowledge of employment pay. John writes for a number of employment websites including Evolution Legal.

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