Improve Your Chances of Employment with Simple Qualifications

It is no secret that both graduates and those without degrees alike are finding it harder than ever to find the right job for them. With so many individuals holding almost identical qualifications, it is extremely hard to stand out unless you happen to have the time and resources behind you to gain a significant amount of experience first.

employment-agencyEven those looking at taking on unpaid internships may well be told that they do not have the experience to take on such voluntary work, and in turn many people become extremely frustrated about constantly going round in circles.

However, no matter what career you wish to get in to and no matter how many qualifications you have to your name, experience is not the only way to get noticed by employers. Instead, there will be all manner of short courses that can help you stand out that will take less time to complete than many internships and may be even more relevant to the job you wish to carry out.

Not only will there be specific courses available to help you walk into specific jobs (for example, Executive PA courses for those who wish to work in blue chip companies under major players in the business world, or lifeguard courses for those who wish to be more appealing to coastal leisure organisations), but there will also be more general courses that will be appealing to almost any employer.

For example, gaining a NEBOSH health and safety at work qualification will allow you to appeal to all manner of different employers, not only showing that you can bring very specific skills to a team, but also showcasing the fact that you are willing to invest into your own future by gaining extra qualifications in your own time.

Such courses can usually be completed within a matter of days or weeks and may be far more cost-effective than supporting oneself for months on end whilst internships are completed. Even in a worst-case scenario, the likes of a health and safety at work certificate should allow individuals to get jobs in the right industry through which they can gain further experience to become more appealing to employers further down the line.

It is harder than ever to stand out to employers, and the majority of graduate CVs now look almost identical. By gaining other qualifications, you may be able to find a cheap and easy way to stand out above the crowd and gain yourself an interview with a company that can offer you that all-important experience that seems to be required by so many employers today.

For anyone who has constantly found themselves knocked back without even getting an interview, extra training will be vital. The likes of health and safety at work training will be one great way to stand out, and when combined with more focussed hands-on training in a specific sector of a specific industry, individuals may suddenly find that their CV is very different to the many others being sent out, and very impressive indeed.

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