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Why Should You Hire Experts For Interview Transcription?

Whether you are a journalist or an HR of a company, you will be taking lots of interviews. Nowadays, most people like to take or give interviews over the phone or voice call. Therefore, if you want to publish that interview in the press or keep a written version of it for your official record,…

Making It As A Model In The Modern World

A career in modeling is appearing to be a primary choice for the young fraternity around the world. There is an increasing wave of career diversity that continues to influence the minds of people, pushing them forward towards exploring career prospects which are out of the ordinary or unconventional in their cultures. As a result…

What Careers Can You Go Into With VIP Bodyguard Training?

With quality SA bodyguard training, you can get the qualification and skills you need to start a stable career in the security industry. The private security industry in South Africa is full of opportunities due to it being one of the largest and most sought after industries in the country. With VIP bodyguard training, you…

A Day In The Life Of A Court Reporter

Court reporters are the unsung heroes of the legal world. They are essential to keeping our legal system moving, and even in the digital age, they are a necessary part of legal proceedings of every type. So what do court reporters do, and what’s it like to work as a court reporter?


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