Tips For Students To Make Extra Pocket Money During Summer Holidays

Every student, during their college days is never satisfied with their pocket money. Every college student desires a fun lifestyle, which includes partying with friends, going for short trips, watching movies, etc etc. But all this comes along with the constant worry of money management and budgeting. So why not start looking for ways to make some extra pocket money. This can benefit you in two ways, you don’t have to worry about depending upon your parents for your allowance, plus you can also save up some money for your future.

You can also take help of your hobbies/extra curricular activities to earn some extra cash.

Summers can prove to be one of the best times, since you don’t have full time college, plus many companies come up with opportunities to apply for jobs and you can look out for job vacancies.

Pet Sitting:

If you are a dog lover, and are not allowed to have pets in the house, this is the perfect opportunity for you. Since summers are holiday times, many people are planning vacations and are looking for someone to take care of their pets. It’s very flexible and cash rewarding at the same time. Not to mention you get to spend time with your favorite animal and earn money at the same time. In addition to this you can ask them for some tips for walking, cleaning the litter box, administering medications etc.


You can start extra classes for kids below your age, and earn by tutoring them for subjects like drawing, math, history etc. If you have the skills to teach a subject in a way, which is different and unique than the regular school way, you can make use of this and earn some extra money. You can also organise a summer camp for kids by arranging various fun activities for the kids in your nearby area.

Get a Job:

This is pretty self explanatory. Although you may think this is not the right time, you would be surprised to know that many lower paying jobs are still available. All you need to do is is download some apps and you can start applying for them. This can also enhance your cv and help you to gain some experience in the long run. Find a fresher jobs app which can help you to find the right job just by sitting at home. And you don’t need to worry, many companies are now offering work from home as well during the pandemic.

These are some of the ways which can provide you with some major cash benefits. Apart from this, if you feel like all these are consuming much of your time and you need to enjoy your vacation as well, you can always opt for various part time jobs such as typing, car washing, garden trimming etc and earn your extra cash. Working from a young age is often helpful as it helps you to understand the value of money and take care of yourself from a very young age.

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