How To Find The Perfect Job

Finding the perfect job is not easy. It’s a competitive job market out there and for every job, there are often hundreds of applicants. Even if you have all the right skills, there is no guarantee you will be lucky when you are up against dozens of people with the same experience. The trick is to make yourself stand out from the crowd by fine-tuning your resume so that it shows the best possible version of you. First, you need to find the perfect job.

If you find the right job, you are less likely to need an employment attorney. Nobody likes to think that the job they have just started is going to go horribly wrong, but sometimes employers are not ethical and the job description turns out to be a work of fiction. The best way to prevent a bad job from ruining your resume is to avoid walking into the wrong job in the first place.

Skills Matching

There is little point in going after a job that is a bad fit for your skills and aspirations. We all have a dream job in the back of our head. Perhaps you wanted to be a firefighter or lion tamer when you were a kid, or maybe you dream of designing handbags or video games. Whatever your dream career is, it is important to be realistic about your skills. After all, you might struggle to become a video games designer if you suck at math.

To check your skills, take an aptitude test to see where your talents truly lie. There are many online skills matching tests to choose from, so try one or two. This will give you a better idea of what type of job is best suited to your personality. The results may surprise you!

Take an Internship

Internships often have bad press because there is a perception that many companies use interns as free labor. To a point, this is true, but there is no getting away from the fact that an internship is a valuable way to gain some experience in your preferred industry. Not all internships are a baptism of fire like the one in The Devil Wears Prada and most bosses are keen to give you the right kind of experience. This is a two-way test: you get to see if the industry is right for you, and your boss has an opportunity to see if you are the right person for a permanent role. And make no mistake, if you do well on an internship, you could score a job offer at the end of the term.


Networking is a great way to find your dream job. Connect with the right people in your chosen industry, start conversations and get your name out there. The more contacts you make, the more likely you are to hear about the perfect job before anyone else does.

Sometimes, the perfect job turns into a perfect nightmare. If this happens to you, cut your losses and walk away. There are always other jobs out there.

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