Write An Impeccable Resume And Be A Part Of The Top Management

15 seconds is all that is required for your resume to make or break your impression!

If it does not help you win an opportunity it definitely kills it. Your resume is that essential document which reflects the crux of all the vital information very effectively. They should be formatted in a manner that will grab the eyeballs of your recruiter and of the hiring personnel. An exceptionally well- drafted resume is required for the professional who is aspiring for the top managerial roles. 

Resume designing and writing is a primary thing while job hunting and the only activity that can be controlled by the job seeker. Hence, every individual invest a lot of effort, time, and money in creating a neat resume that will give them the competitive edge in the job search market. People depend on their resume to grab the opportunity of getting an interview call from their employer which will move them an inch closer to the fascinating job. This is one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the employer without suddenly bumping on to him for a face-to-face meeting and increasing the probability of rejection. The fact about every resume is it is not a means to get hired; the sole purpose of this document is to help you to get the interview. Resume hence is the document that builds your personal brand; eventually it is your personality that will help you through.

What do you need to create an outstanding resume?

On an average, the employer spends 10 seconds on a resume. So it has to be simple and easy to understand. It should not exceed two pages as the employer will not have the time to go through any. The content should be compact and crisp. All the information should be neatly stated so that the recruiter understands your credentials. Hence you should keep the following pointers in mind while making this important document:

  • Forbid from using fancy layouts, typographies, fonts and special effects. Color schemes should be professional and chosen wisely. Stay traditional and use the old Times New Roman Font with a 10 to 12 font size. Keep it black and white if you are not going for a visual resume. You might have some distinct font, type or size while listing your different experiences, header or company names, however, maintain a consistency throughout. Avoid too much of italics, underlines and boldface.
  • Stick to Word when it comes to the file format as it can be easily viewed on most of the system. PDF file also looks quite professional and common these days. Avoid making your CV in a template form.
  • Stick to a reverse chronology listing your recent experiences and skills acquired first then move backwarddeclaring about your past experiences and qualifications. Maintain this pattern throughout your experiences, skills, and educational qualifications. Give the complete details of your company- the designation, role and the responsibilities you are entitled to and the tenure. Accentuate your accomplishments and achievements.
  • Summary and objectives keep it short and to the point. You can also avoid including one in your resume as it will take up unnecessary space. Recruiter hardly reads through your big well-written sentences.
  • Avoid overloading your personal information section. Do not stuff it with unnecessary details it might screw your chances of getting hired. For instance, if you are providing that your are married with kids it might spoil your chances of an interview if the recruiter is looking for a person who is flexible to travel.
  • Sell your stories with highlighted numbers and statistical figures that will give you the edge over the others. Employers prefer hearing the unique stories of your life.
  • Refrain from using distorted and flamboyant keywords that include leadership skills, customer-oriented, communication skills, creative to name a few. The words are just fillers and do not help you bag the interview. Read the job description thoroughly and try to align all your skills and qualities with the proffered keywords. You can also use the words that are given as the job description.
  • Skip using photos on your resume unless it is required by your recruiter. Your employer is only concerned about your experience and expertise when you are applying for a top management job.

Therefore, if you are seeking the best jobs in VP sales, or a CEO or that of any top executive role you have to portray your potential clearly to the employer. Your profile will be scrutinized and scanned thoroughly as your role will be pivotal to the company’ growth and success.

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