Working As A Legal Secretary

A legal secretary is an important, but often underestimated, profession that is fundamental to the smooth running of law practices. Legal secretaries can be found in every type of establishment related to the law including private firms, court houses, large companies with a legal department or even for barristers. The profession will require a Legal Secretarial qualification from a reputable Legal Secretary Course.

You can work either part-time or full-time in this role, and you may be expected to visit courts and police stations from time to time depending on client requirements. The work undertaken by a legal secretary is of great value to their employer, and there are a number of legal secretary courses in London and around the country to give you a boost on this particular career ladder. Here we’ll be taking a look at the skills required for this line of work so you can see what will be expected of you.

What skills does a legal secretary need?

  • Highly organized

In this role you will be expected to safely keep track of hundreds of confidential client files either in the form of paperwork or an electronic database. You need to know how to file certain documents accurately and send them to the relevant people such as police stations and judges. Sometimes many forms need to be filled in on a daily basis and you should know exactly what to do in a timely fashion.

  • Forward-thinking

You need to be able to anticipate the needs of your employer in advance and have paperwork ready before it is requested of you. As time goes on this task will become much easier as you will know what is expected. Think ahead with a clear mind, never double-booking appointments or acting in a way which stalls progress.

  • Great customer service

Clients will be coming in and out of the office daily and you need to make sure that they feel welcome. A simple smile goes a long way, but making sure the clients are prepared for their meeting in terms of paperwork is a huge help to your employer. Your phone manner also needs to be professional and helpful at all times.

  • Excellent teamwork

The role is primarily one of support when it comes to handling paperwork, making appointments, organizing the office and other tasks such as dictation and record keeping. A legal secretary is indispensable for any business or individual who needs to make sure deadlines are met and that all the appropriate paperwork is sent to the right people.

  • Computer proficient

Much of the work carried out by a legal secretary is done via the assistance of a computer. This can range from drafting letters and creating wills to printing forms and sending emails. A good legal secretary course will bring you up to date with the appropriate level of computer knowledge required.

Unlike a regular secretary who may only answer phones, a legal secretary is responsible for how people’s lives are affected where the law is concerned; the consequences of mismanagement in this line of work are far greater and have a much more profound impact. Do some more research to find out if this highly rewarding career route is something you’d like to do on a daily basis.

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