7 Tips To Make Your Cv Steal The Glance Of Your Employer

No doubt, from thousands of resume available with a potential employer, your CV gets hardly 20 to 30 seconds to gain your recruiter’s attention. The following article offers the top 7 tips to help you write a CV that gets shortlisted at the first glance of your recruiter. Read more to grab attention of your employer…

In the current competitive job scenario, it becomes challenging to stand out and land into your dream job. The one thing that can make you noticeable in the eyes of the recruiter is your CV. A well-drafted resume is an effective tool in your hands to reach near to your career goal. The way you format and write it can influence your rejection or acceptance in a job application. Different employer may emphasis on different information mentioned in your resume, such as qualification, experience or skills. However, there are certain basic rules that make your resume visible to employers.

7 Tips for Your Resume
Now when you know that you have few seconds to gain attention of an employer, it becomes imperative to consider every aspect of effective resume writing. To make your resume work for you, follow the top 7 tips:

1) Use Skill Headings or Job Titles
An employer comes across hundreds of CV for a single job opening. In such a situation, it is a stiff competition to gain his attention through your resume. The best way to do so is to use attractive and crisp skill headings or job titles.

2) Prefer Functional Resume
Present your experience detail by skill categories in functional resume format to highlight your proficiencies to your employer rather than presenting chronologically. Functional resume, which focuses on experience and skills, should be preferred over chronological resume, which mainly focuses on work history in chronological order. Functional resume helps job seekers with a gap in employment history or those willing to change career.

3) Summarize Career Objective at the Top
Remember, the recruiting personnel have not much time to search for important details. Hence, it is vital to mention important information such as your career summary or goal at the top of CV. By doing this, employer can get a snapshot of accomplishments and skills of the job applicant in few seconds.

4) Educational Overview
If you are a fresh graduate, it becomes more important to give your educational overview. In this respect, mentioning projects you have taken becomes more important than highlighting your educational courses. Mentioning projects gives you a chance to preset your skills and accomplishments in a better way.

5) Insert Job Specific Keywords
Nowadays, most of the employers use tracking system for screening and shortlisting appropriate resume as per job keywords. In order to pass the screening process, it is essential to incorporate suitable keywords as per the job description. This increases the possibility of catching the eye of the potential employer.

6) Update Your Resume Timely
A resume is not just a tool to let your employer know who you are, but also what you can offer to your future employer. With a resume that is up-to-date can give a much clear picture to your employer about your capabilities. In order to let your future employer know about your latest achievements and skills, it is imperative to keep updating your resume. Moreover, updating your resume from time to time keeps it active on online job portals to catch the attention of potential employers.

7) Include and Prioritize Content that Pitches Your Skills
Most of the times job seekers forget the importance of prioritizing and choosing the content for resume writing. Mention important details at the top to deliver the required information to employer in starting few seconds. The choice of words plays an important role in describing your abilities and skills to your employer. Moreover, give attention to organize your content in a clean and easy-to-read way. Hence, it is crucial to make the right selection of words and place them correctly.

The success to your dream job is an interview-winning CV. Following the above mentioned tips can help you in writing a resume that gains the attention of your recruiter.
So, consider the above mentioned tips to draft your resume and be a winning job applicant!

About the Author: Swati Srivastava is an experienced writer who writes for several career and job related websites. Her articles offer an insight into the useful job and career related topics such as resume formatting tips, resume writing tips, job search techniques and interview tips.

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