Different Kinds of Parking Jobs

Wherever there is car ownership there is a need for parking spaces. There’s a very good argument for scrapping car ownership with people just renting cars if and when they need them. If this ever does happen it’s a long way off, and for the time being when a car isn’t in use it’s parked.

Parking necessarily puts pressure on inner city areas especially. This is for obvious reasons, and the biggest cities are very congested, more so as you reach the city centre. In order to manage parking, professionals are employed, and there are various kinds of parking related jobs:

Paring enforcement jobs are very important, especially in inner cities. They are trained to identify parking infractions, and issue fines accordingly. These kinds of professionals need to be well equipped and well disposed to dealing with difficult situations.

Valets are a completely different kind of parking operative. They will usually be in the employ of a private company, and they are tasked with parking cars on behalf of customers.

Parking manager jobs in London and other big cities are responsible not just for the enforcement of traffic law, but also for ensuring parking enforcers are doing their job. It can be a challenging role, but one that is very fulfilling for a certain type of individual.

One of the positive outcomes of the ubiquitous need for parking is that it’s created a range of quality jobs, for suitable professionals.

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