Questions You Must Ask Potential Overseas Consultants

Flying to your favourite destination and fulfilling your dream to get your education from a reputed university abroad can be enthralling. But with the increasing demand for education consultants, the competition is also becoming cut-throat amongst them. Every single consultant is trying hard to give the best services possible to stay ahead in the game. Some consultants simply allure the students into getting them in a university abroad to get commissions where the quality of education is highly compromised. It is therefore, crucial on part of the student to analyse the consultant before proceeding with the process.

Listed below are 5 important questions a student ought to ask before hiring study abroad consultants:

Check By Visas Processed:

This question will help analyse the standing of the company. Let them tell you the approximate number of clients they have assisted and the no. of visas approved. The figures will give you an estimate of how trustworthy the overseas education consultants are. Moreover, as an education consultant, he should have relevant knowledge about student visa and education abroad.

Study The Foreign Country’s Pattern:

This will give you an understanding of their level of knowledge on visa and education pattern abroad. In some cases, they might not know the current pattern that is followed in a specific country. This does not mean you should deny their services, but rather look for their approach and readiness to help you and take the decision.

Their University Or College Affiliation:

Most consultancies are affiliated to top universities and colleges abroad. Be open and upfront with this question and get more information on the colleges they offer you. Ask about the location, credibility of the course and other necesssary information which is vital for the growth of your career.

Guidance Throughout The Student Visa Process:

This is perhaps one of the most determining questions that show the proficiency of the study visa consultants. Ask for the step by step procedure of visa application from the consultant. Students are required to submit their SOP – Statement of Purpose and several other documents that are part of the process of application for education abroad. Some reputed agencies in education abroad also offer services such as IELTS, GRE, PTE and spoken English coaching that will help you get the visa faster.

The above questions will help you in determining the best consultants for studying abroad. Although, the approval cannot be guaranteed in any visa process. Hence, be careful when they “guarantee” you your process. The approval of student visa is entirely dependent upon the immigration body of the specific country that you are appealing to. Before application, you should ensure that you extract all the necessary information about the visa application process, course, fees, university name, country and all the relevant details.

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