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Having a good understanding of Microsoft Powerpoint is a skill that is required by many different professions these days.  Thanks to Bill Gates and his team of professionals, the MS Office Suite is the most successful applications ever made. Getting the right Microsoft Powerpoint Training Courses in London can be the key to getting a great job.

What Is Powerpoint

Powerpoint itself is a slide show presentation program that you can use on both Microsoft and Apple Macintosh operating systems.  If you have ever had to present information to anyone via a projector or a laptop, chances are you will have used a Powerpoint presentation. By using a graphical approach to presentations, the program allows you to quickly and easily create slide shows that can accompany the delivery of the topic you require.  As a program, it is widely used in business and classrooms and is an effective tool when used for training purposes.

If you are looking for a career in office work, being a Powerpoint master can be very advantageous. The ability to be able to create easy to view, understandable and effective slides for display on both large and small screens, gives you the tools to better sell your message or your products.

Powerpoint helps to make information more accessible.  Accountants and financial professionals for example, are able to put complicated financial data into far simpler graphs, charts and graphics using Powerpoint templates.  Lawyers can present cases in a more memorable way, to help relay the facts in a digestible way.

Studies have shown that people retain only about 10 percent of what they hear after a couple of days, and 35 percent of what they read. However, when visual aids are shown in conjunction with an oral presentation, then the retention rate of information increases to over 65 percent. By presenting information via Powerpoint you are increasing the volume of your message.

But it is with Support Staff that Powerpoint really takes first place.  Secretaries, Administrators, Personal Assistants and even Executive Personal Assistants, all use Powerpoint in one way or another.  If you are looking for a role in office support, learning Powerpoint is a must.

What is the best way to become a Powerpoint master?

Like many Microsoft Applications, Powerpoint skills can be learnt online.  There are advantages to this, as you can learn at your own pace, but there are certain elements you need to ensure are in place before you commit to any online Powerpoint training.

  • Is the training interactive and on a live server?
  • Are you able to work alongside a virtual tutor?
  • Does it offer you video tuition?

Of course, you also don’t your training to be rigid and stiff, you need to be able to enjoy what you are learning. If you enjoy it, then chances are the subject matter will stick with you for longer.

Alternatively you could learn in a classroom environment, but you need to be completely sure that the training takes place at a Microsoft Certified Academy and offers you a Certificate from the Institute upon completion of the same.   It would also be wise to ensure that any training provider is able to create a bespoke programme designed to suit your exact needs, to ensure that you don’t have to sit through a ton of training that is too general.

Powerpoint is a powerful way to open doors to new opportunities. Acquiring a certificate from a Microsoft Certified Academy is the very best way to do this.

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