Finding Work In Thailand As A Foreigner

Finding a job can be difficult even with help, much less on your own. If you’ve decided to relocate to another country and don’t have a job lined up, it can be almost impossible to find one as a foreigner. Fortunately, there are recruiting agencies you can work with to find work, even for non-citizens in places like Thailand.

Working in Thailand

Thailand is an intriguing country and it often lures Westerners to live there because of the friendly people and low cost of living. Although most people who immigrate to Thailand are retired, people who are still working for a living may migrate there as well. Foreigners are allowed to work in the country as long as they obtain a work permit, a visa, and do not work in occupations as described in the Alien Employment Act.

Most of the prohibited jobs in the Alien Employment Act have to do with accounting, national security, or activities involved in making Thai handcrafted products. Other than those occupations, foreigners are allowed to work in any industry, though Thai citizens still take priority when positions are open. However, if you are able to find a job, you can live and work there as long as you’re legally able to stay in the country.

Finding Work in Thailand

There are ample opportunities in Thailand for foreigners, especially if they have certain job skills. If you don’t have a job waiting on you, a good way to find a position is to do an internet search. There are job sites specific to Thailand and there are also sites helping expatriates to find work when they move into the country.

Before you start your job search, you should prepare a cover letter and a CV to send out when you find positions in which you’re interested.  You should also consider working with a recruiting firm to find work for which you’re qualified. They can also provide you with คำแนะนำด้านอาชีพ (career advice), help you prepare for interviews, improve your CV, and show you how to take advantage of social media to find work.

Working with Recruiters

Instead of depending on job boards to help you find work if you decide to move to Thailand, you should work with recruiters who know the job market. If you have experience in an industry, they can help you find work in which you are qualified and that isn’t prohibited to you as a foreign national. They can also use their contacts to find available positions companies do not list on job boards.

A recruiter can interview you, examine your CV, and provide leads you would not otherwise have access to, because they haven’t been listed. Instead of waiting until you move to Thailand, you could start looking for work or get help from a recruiter to set up job interviews after you’ve arrived so you can find a job as soon as possible. Finding work may take some time, but you should be able to find a job and build a new life in Thailand.

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