Moving Abroad

We all have those days when we are putting on our wellington boots yet again and drying off our umbrellas, (and that is just the summer) and we think ‘I have had enough, I am moving to a warmer climate’. Many of us talk about it, some of us actually do it. So how easy is living the dream, and can we ever really escape the pressures of life when there is still so much to consider when moving abroad?

 Some questions that may need answers include the following.

bigstock-Young-Man-Holding-Globe-And-Bo-422474111Emotionally it can be quite an upheaval especially if leaving behind friends and family. Will you be able to cope with being a plane ride away rather than a ten minute walk? If uprooting young children, will the move be beneficial to them? Do they know any of the language? Can they cope with a change in climate? How settled are they here?

Consider the possibility of one partner wishing to move when the other does not – will there ever be any scope to move home if necessary? Making one partner stay where they do not want to be can cause problems for them and for your relationship further down the line.

House prices may need to be considered as well as the general cost of living. Can you afford to live in your chosen destination? You may need to look into expat health insurance. Expat insurance is used as the NHS only exists in the UK, so some form of health insurance is required – can you afford this extra cost?

Employment opportunities should be considered. Are you hoping to transfer or start fresh? What kind of opportunities are there abroad for your skill set?

Consider the language barrier. Are you moving to a country where a lot of people already speak your language or will you have to learn the language fluently?

Moving abroad can also be an amazing experience – perhaps you are going from job to job with no ties and fancy a change, or the children have all moved out, you are retired and want to relax in warmer climates. Some benefits of moving abroad include the following.

Brand new experiences opening your mind to other cultures and languages.

A chance to start again and meet different types of people who you may not have met otherwise.

You can still visit your home. It is up to you how far you wish to go, you do not have to go half way around the world if you do not wish to and can still get the best of both worlds.

Whatever your reasons for moving abroad, it is a massive decision that you should think about carefully, especially if other people are involved. Discussing it with them and ensuring that it is what they want too is important. There is so much to consider from employment, housing and language to the less obvious considerations and extra costs such as expat medical insurance. However if you decide it is the right thing for you it may be the best thing you ever did! Home will always be just a plane ride away.

About the Author – Sarah Makinson is a well-travelled freelance blogger who knows the importance of having the right insurance. Read more of her tips at Expatriate Healthcare.

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