What Careers Can You Go Into With VIP Bodyguard Training?

With quality SA bodyguard training, you can get the qualification and skills you need to start a stable career in the security industry. The private security industry in South Africa is full of opportunities due to it being one of the largest and most sought after industries in the country. With VIP bodyguard training, you can break your way into the private security industry and expand your employment opportunities with all the different careers that you can apply for.

Become a SA Bodyguard

With SA bodyguard training, you can become a trained close protection officer, working for a bodyguard protection agency, or privately. Bodyguards are often sought after in South Africa for corporate VIPs or distinguished visitors, there are also opportunities in the public sector for qualified close protection candidates.

Go into Security Guarding

There are many vacancies for security guards in South Africa. Security guards are needed by a variety of businesses, including:

Private Security Companies
Shopping Centre Security
Estate and Complex Security
Education and Healthcare Security, and more.

With bodyguard training, you will learn the skills that you need to apply as a security guard and maximise your chances of employment.

Drive VIPs Safely Around SA

Security driving is a service that is offered by security agencies for a safer transport alternative for VIPs and other clients. This career path is open for people who have completed bodyguard training, as advanced driving training is offered in most top bodyguard academies.

There are a few other careers that are possible with bodyguard training too. Get your foot in the door with professional, recognised qualifications by leading bodyguard trainers.

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