Tips To Protect Yourself From Fake Job Recruiters

Keeping in view increasing demand for jobs in all sectors, many job recruiters are operating online as well as offline. But all of them may not be genuine and some of them may turn out fake as well. These job recruiters mostly advertise through internet or through newspaper or such other modes of advertisement. Since internet is mostly accessed by all for job search and it also hides identity of the users and hence it is mostly used by fake job recruiters. So how can one protect himself from these fake job recruiters over internet? Here are some tips for you.


Always send a general inquiry about job to the recruiters without a resume. Ask about the details of the company and its location in detail and the person to contact for recruitment purpose.

You can look for same job title in other cities over the internet as well. If it’s a genuine one, it will be advertised openly over internet.

Once you get details of the company search more about it over internet and see that the details given to you exactly match with those available over internet.

You can also check for reviews of other job seekers about the recruiter and decide about his truthfulness. If you come across good reviews about the recruiter, you can move forward otherwise leave it aside.

If any recruiter asks for some registration fee or some other charges in lieu of assuring you employment at some company, never go for it. It is because such people are always fraud and may not help you in getting a job.

You should never pay money, your credit card or bank account information to anyone over internet for recruitment purpose as it may create problems for you.

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