Scope Of Jobs In Hospitality And Services

The Hospitality and Services sector is mainly concerned with food and the catering services. Like other jobs and career opportunities, it has also something rewarding to offer to those who are working in this field or are in the stage of getting a degree or diploma in this field. For a fresher, it is worthwhile to know that this sector also has wide scope as far as jobs are concerned. Let’s have a look at these scopes.

Business trainingYou can become a hotel manager or an hotelier as an employee in Hospitality and Services. You will have to supervise and manage the operations of a hotel, lodge. You will need to manage all the staff members and the departments concerned with the hotel or resort.

You can even become an events planner who organizes and performs various events including concerts, conferences, birthday parties, weddings or such other functions. You have to organize any event according to clients’ unique requirements.

You can also become a concierge who has to help guests with various things such as advising them on places to eat or visit, making reservations for restaurants, organizing transport or arranging tickets for some shows or events.

If you like cooking or baking, you can also become a chef at some hotel or restaurant. You can become the head chef or an assistant chef depending upon your proficiency in cooking.

If you have some knowledge about wines and feel comfortable working with people who use the same, you can become a sommelier also. A sommelier is a wine steward, who works in fine dining restaurants. He has to advise guests or customers about various food and wine combinations and options. You have to manage everything related to wines at your working place.

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