Latest Statistics: Jobs In Calgary

Wondering why everyone in Canada is talking strongly about Alberta, right? This is the country’s new jobs powerhouse. Latest reports from Statistics Canada ranks Alberta highest in terms of job creation. Investors and budding entrepreneurs from across the country are flocking Alberta and particularly Calgary, to make a fortune.

Predictions by the Royal Bank of Canada indicate that Calgary city is among the fastest growing employment spots in Canada. The bank’s numbers put Calgary top of the list of cities that will drive the economy of the entire country in terms of job creation throughout the decade.

Real employment statistics

The economic growth rate for Alberta was at 3.7 per cent in the year 2014. This is projected to slacken slightly to 3.5% this year. The employment rates though, are projected to hit a record high in 2015. Some of the sectors that will see a rise in job opportunities in Calgary include:

  • Petroleum
  • Hotel and tourism
  • Sports and entertainment
  • Construction

Petroleum sector

The oil and gas sector has defined the livelihood of many a Canadians since time immemorial. This is the single largest employer, not just in Calgary, but in the entire country. Some of the job opportunities that are in high demand in this sector all year round include chemical engineering, mining engineering, physicists and petroleum engineering.

Due to diversification, the petroleum industry in Calgary is not as vibrant as it used to be in the period preceding 1980’s. This followed the financial crash that hit the globe in the same decade. Even with that statistic, the industry still features high in terms of overall contribution to the economy of Canada.

Hotel and tourism industry

If you live in Calgary or any were in the province of Alberta, you must have noticed that more and more visitors are coming in town. These new arrivals are either investors, tourists or just foreign government officials. Because of the many visitors, Calgary’s hotel and tourism industry is flourishing.

The industry is also a leading job creator in the country. More and more hotels are seeking new personnel to handle particular aspects of their operations.

Sports and entertainment

This is another age-old industry in Canada. Sports and entertainment industry in Calgary is a source of recreation and livelihood for many. From training facility attendants to team managers, this sector has plenty job opportunities.

Construction industry

Any strong economy is synonymous with very aggressive construction projects. You spot skyscrapers, state of the art bridges and many other structures in Calgary and its environs then you certainly will give credit to the construction industry. The opportunities that are available in this sector are mostly for architects, civil engineers and masons.

Jobs in Calgary come in a rich variety. Just choose what befits you and you will be good to go. From petroleum sector to the construction industry, all you need is experience, skills and yes, the right papers; certificates and other relevant support documents.

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