How We Should Not Stop Educating Ourselves Even Though We Have A Job

Many of you would be familiar with the ‘work-life balance’ adage; the struggle to keeping a healthy split between professional and personal time. For those to pursue education whilst working full-time, it’s more specific to purport it as ‘study-work-life’ balance.

Job interviewIndeed, it’s quite possible to work 9-5 while continuing education, and there are obvious advantages to this approach, from adding to your credentials to the associated income and benefits in your current profession.

When most professionally employed individuals think of studying, they think intensive, full-time programs. But online and hybrid courses are on the rise since the last few years. This means greater opportunities for employees and small business owners to upgrade their skills while maintaining their roles at the profession.

These courses gain you knowledge and management skills in areas where you may not have received formal training before, like organizational design, marketing, project management, design and human resources.

Perhaps in your company you have a particular strength in a certain area but have not gained exposure to others. Education gives you a formal framework for adding management skills and boosting your career.

The flexibility of your study program and your work routine are critical factors in your ability to balance these two endeavors. Intensive 6 week courses would be ideal if your job demands more time or if you work over the clock. Such courses are offered in multiple languages; the following are some of the top providers

  • English – Georgetown University
  • Norwegian – University of Bergen
  • Danish – (Bigum & Co.)
  • German – TU München

And so on.

Finding a flexible program that can accommodate the requirements of your work life can make a big difference. Courses like the one mentioned above can provide a great degree of flexibility, while preparing you for handling vital work practices in public and private sector firms.

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