5 Top Tips To Land A Job As A Graduate

As you stand with fellow graduates on the steps of your university, it is tradition to launch your mortar board into the air for the ultimate post-graduation photo.

Your joy and jubilation fades to fear and trepidation almost as quickly as that oddly shaped hat plummets back to earth. It’s dawned on you. The dream is over. You need to get a job.

The world of graduate jobs is a tricky one, so you need to be as equipped as possible to tackle it.

Packed with some great advice, here’s our list of five top tips to land a job as a graduate.

1.Get Experience

Ultimately, it depends on the profession you’re looking to get into, however, there are many which require a bit more than a decent degree.

While it might feel a little frustrating to not get the job you want right away, employers want some proof that you can do the job, and the majority of us are unfortunately short on that, even after graduating.

For more info on placements and gaining experience, take a look at this advice from the National Careers Service.

  1. Keep Learning

Yes, you have had three years of intense learning, however, to get the job you want, you need to remain hungry to learn, even if there’s no extra qualification at the end of it.

There is always so much more to learn in any industry, and no matter how sharp you think you are, there is always something which will boost your knowledge.

Attend conferences and seminars, keep well read on any industry changes and make sure you know the wider influences of it, such as in politics and global affairs if it warrants it.


It is easy to get frustrated with where you live or the lack of people you know as to the reason why you struggle to get into an industry. So, if you feel knowing a few more contacts might help, get out and network.

Take any volunteering opportunities which might allow you to speak to the right people, head to career fairs to chat to other professionals and use social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn to speak directly to people in the right places.

4.Fine Tune Your CV

One of the most common mistakes by graduates is assuming that their qualifications or previous experience will speak for themselves. However, without a well put together CV, a potential employer won’t read far down enough to find out.

For great snippets of advice on putting together your CV plus plenty more on getting a job as a graduate, check out this handy infographic from Bellvue Students.

5.Sell Yourself

No matter how much or how little experience you have, you have to appear as appealing to the employer as possible.

Speak passionately about your previous experiences and how they would help you perform in the role in which you’re applying for.

Remember to give interviews your all, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, so never leave the room thinking you didn’t give it 100%.

While the world of graduate jobs is as uncertain as ever, you can only do your very best to make yourself employable, and hopefully this advice can help you achieve that.


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